Once I become a patient, how do I get my records transferred from my previous doctor?

After your meet and greet visitors with the doctor, we will have you sign a consent letter to have your medical records transferred to our office. The patient is responsible for any chart transfer fees.

Am I still a patient of Dr. Tawfik, Dr. Tadrous or Dr. Rizk if I saw them at their old clinic?

Absolutely! You are still their patient.

How do I get my files transferred over from their old clinic?

Patients of Dr. Tadrous and Dr. Rizk have your chart. They were able to transfer a copy when they moved to Seine River Medical Centre. Dr. Tawfik was not able to transfer your chart but we are happy to request a copy of your chart for you. Please book an appointment with her.

Do you have a lab?

Unicity Lab has been acquired by Gamma Dynacare Lab and is during the initial transition phase; Gamma Dynacare has decided to close several locations across the city. We regret to inform you that our lab here at Seine River Medical was one of them. Please be assured that we are making every effort to have this matter resolved as soon as possible and will update this page as we receive more information regarding the reopening of our lab under Gamma Dynacare.

I have an appointment, but I feel better or something came up. Should I call and cancel?

Yes, please. We have held this spot for you. Every day we have calls from patients wishing to be fit in, this would allow us to help another patient. Failure to cancel your appointment could result in a charge for the missed appointment.

Can I call for my lab / test results?

For confidentiality and safety reasons, test results will not be given over the phone. Therefore, our receptionists are not able to discuss your test results. If your symptoms continue, please return to the clinic to see the doctor. Most test results take two to three days to be reported to the medical clinic. Tests such as STI panels take about ten days. Pathology and pap tests can take up to six weeks. When your test results are received at the clinic, they are reviewed by the doctor.  We encourage patients to book follow-ups to review their results as we only call you if the results NEED to be discussed.

How do I become a new patient?

Please speak to our friendly staff on the phone or in the office. We can inform you which of our doctors are taking new patients and would be happy to book a meet and greet appointment for you. You will need to bring your health card and will also be asked to complete some paperwork prior to your appointment. You can either fill this out prior to your appointment by printing the form and completing it at home or arrive early to your appointment. New Patient Form

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